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Pictures of my new dorm set up - My Life at School [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Pictures of my new dorm set up [Sep. 25th, 2004|10:20 pm]

Before going to Walmart, there would be more pictures form there, but my hands were full becuase we didnt get a basket.

After a short ride in the car, i promised Trevor and Bobby, that if they moved Jessica's and my beds that i would clean up the poker chips from their room. so they gor right to work:

I kind of tried to pull trevor's pants down a little to make him look like a plumer... he didnt like that idea to much.

The men that made it happen!

Jessica, she is crazy just like the rest of us!

The view from my pillow :)

Thats about all for now.. i will post more pictures tomorrow im sure... it is going to be an exciting day!!!

More pictures of the same set up

My Awesome cinder block bed side table!

We have so much floor space now. and a floor lamp!!

And i have my own little computer desk right next to my bed! :)!!!
Guess where i am doing this update from!
(If you look under the chair area you can see one of the cinder blocks holding up Jessica's bed, we are thinking about switching next semester. I really like it down here though.)

How we got the sheet up there... twist tie things and scisors.