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My fun day around town - My Life at School [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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My fun day around town [Sep. 26th, 2004|11:30 pm]
Woke up and Dad called me so i got dressed andheaded over to Shipley's for Breakfast.

Dad had a good time working the microwave

while i had a good time stairing at kolochies!

After that i came back to my dorm, grabed Katie and headed over to WalMart and then Chillis where we met up with Mom, Papa, and Tim. While we were there we searched and searched for Katie's Chili... we found it upon exiting the restraunt:

Isn't is pretty?

Tim, Papa, and Mom right before leaving.

So then Katie hoped in my car with me and we headed over to HomeDepo. On the way however we saw some interesting sites.

The Texas Prison Museum

The Hitchin' Post as well as the Two Texans Car Wash

Huntsville Unit

We then arrived at our desired location

The Home Depot


So we went to get cinder blocks right? Well, katie and i were not as strong as we though...

So i found a cart

and we loaded the cinder blocks on to there

after walking around the store we found these in the garden section

and this in the front of the store

i feel much safer knowing kaite has a maglite.

came home, moved in the cinder blocks with the help of our RA and finished setting up my room and then talked to Jason.

Then went to bed