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new home one and new home two - My Life at School [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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new home one and new home two [Aug. 14th, 2005|10:07 am]

ok so here are some pictures of my apt.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
above my bed. cards johnny sent me when i was at camp.
i also have new pillow cases to match. but i havent washed them yet and they smell like factory.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
the other side that my bed attatches to.
yup, just a giant wall of pictures.
oh yeah, its that cool.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
what i see when im chilaxin in my bed.
umm... its cool but im not done.
i will be attatching string to tacks and pinning the locations in israel to the map.
its neat.
i know my map of israel isnt perfect.
but i also drew it without a map... so back off.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
my desk.
not done decoraiting above either.
im movieng the pictures to the small wall near my recliner.
(which has no pictures because its not decorated at all.)

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
my bathroom which contains pictures of flowers i have taken and then printed out. it is quite pretty.
also note the awesome shower head.
i love it.
the part i dont love is bellow sight of the picture, the ant problem i have becuase thats where the kitty food is located. they drop food and the ants get it.

thats all for now.
hope you enjoy.
more will come when im finished.
also of the whole apt, not just my room.
but it is exciting.

(I took none of these pictures, i was lucky enough to find them on the internet:)

inside the store.
looking out.

outside the store looking in.
the guy on the left registar is the one training me some of the time.

left to right: Daniel, Kat, Cheryl (the manager) and Ken
how hot are those shirts!
Yes i wear one... and a size large at that!

the genius bar.
where you take your comp if she gets sick.

the studio.
where you can come in and take a class on a program.

a pretty shot from outside.
yes... that is the gap right next door!

So yes i started work yesterday.
A day from 10-5 on my feet all but one of those hours when i had a break for lunch with Johnny at sonic.
I sold a computer and three ipods.
The computer was the first person i talked to which was awesome.
I got to sell an ipod shuffle to a guy that wanted it for working out. he was asking if the arm band would be big enough for his "guns" (he didnt say that, thats just what im refuring his arms to, how cool would it ahve been if he had called his arms guns) so we had a good laugh.
I also got to help the crazy cutsomers... but apparently they are two of the best. They just want to sit and talk. I like them.
I learned how to say things like "Hi, welcome to the apple store." in all different kinds of variations.
I got to sit and watch the think different comercial and the 1984 comercial with my manager. It was entertaining.
Today i watch move videos. But about more real things this time.
I like the people i work with. We have fun.
The guy training me informed me prior that at times he may be a little boring. I then informed him that i never let anyone bore me. So we got along ok.
More training with him today from 12-2 then videos with my assistant manager from 2-4 then break from 4-5. Then i think i have the genius bar from 5-7 then wrap up at 7:30.
Yesterday i was to have a wrap up for an hour, but we decided to spend that time with a customer.
It bugs me when i go up to people and im like, "Hi, is there anything i can help you with?" to which they reply "No, i'm just wondering the difference in these ipods." Is that a question or a statement? Do you want some help or not? Are you to scared to admit you need help... AHH!
One of the guys told me i was not a true apple fan becuase i have not seen the movie Pirates of Silicon Valley (1999). It was a MFTV movie about Steve Jobs and Bill Gates. Whatever.
Oh, and some woman told me i had the PCs of phones. Of course she had the Mac of phones.
Here was some funny dialogue between my manager and me:
C: "number seven, always represent apple computers positively both in and outside of the work place."
Me: "Wait, stop right there, i dont know if i can do this."
C: "Do you have some problems with apple computers?"
Me: "Yeah.... i mean.... i think that they suck... but whatever go on."
(she knows about how much i am into apples... so she laughed. It was great... i hate sitting in such a serious situation for so long, reading something with no personality... when i know the other person has one.)
Otherise, life is good.
Work is good.
Home is good.
I should have the internet when i get home.
Which will be later tonight at like 8:30 at the latest.
Work in 2 hours... its so much fun.


From: (Anonymous)
2005-09-10 01:25 am (UTC)

nice place

hey its Broc i haven't heard from you in so long that i would see what is up do you have an msn account or some thing that is waht i use at work
(Reply) (Thread)
From: (Anonymous)
2005-09-10 01:26 am (UTC)

Re: nice place

oh i forgot my msn is blaughlin@geekdom.vcn.com
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